OpenStack OVS/OVN QoS

Neutron ML2/OVN and Placement API (minimum bandwidth scheduling)

Do you know how Nova knows where to spawn a virtual machine? With the Nova scheduler service. This service allows to define a set of filters that should match with the host resources in order to define and spawn the virtual machines. Since Newton (a log time ago…) a new resource tracker was introduced: the […]

OpenStack OVS/OVN

ML2/OVN mechanism driver and the “secret agents”

Today’s topic is related to the OVN backend driver in OpenStack Neutron. This is the last in-tree ML2 driver added, initially deployed as an external plugin. From the website, “OVN (Open Virtual Network) is a series of daemons for the Open vSwitch that translate virtual network configurations into OpenFlow”. OVN is based on Open […]