L3/routing OpenStack OVS/OVN

Using a tunnelled network as router gateway in Neutron ML2/OVN

One symptom of narcissism is to make self-referring quotes; thus this is how I’ll start this post. Previously in this fantastic blog, we talked about the high availability router gateway ports in OVN. In this post we briefly commented that the gateway Logical Router Ports are scheduled across the gateway chassis, using any of the […]

OpenStack OVS/OVN QoS

Tunnelled networks support in Neutron Placement API report

Long time ago (only one year after I started “playing” with OpenStack), Miguel Angel Ajo reported a RFE in Launchpad: strict minimum bandwidth support. After some releases, we finally added this functionality to OpenStack Neutron and now we are able to model and report to Placement API the available bandwidth of the physical interfaces connected […]