ovsdbapp, your library for Open vSwitch and OVN

The first thing you will notice reviewing the code of this library is a common pattern: Terry Wilson, one of the fathers of the creature. It has many other contributors, but he is the main maintainer. Thanks! This library provides a Python native implementation to access to the Open vSwitch database, using the OVSDB management […]


Timer context in Python

Some time ago I created a timer class for Neutron. This class was a context manager with a defined timeout. This timeout was implemented using the Linux alarm clock. Once the clock finishes the countdown, sends an alarm signal to the calling process. The problem of this implementation is that is not possible to use […]

OpenStack Tech

Python multithreading

As commented in my introductory post, this blog pretends to be a kind of work diary, and sometimes will be the shoulder to cry on. In relation to threads, regardless of the programming language, a programmer needs to be mentally strong. Jokes aside, I would like first to introduce this post with some links to […]