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OpenStack local git mirror

If you are an OpenStack developer, you will know about devstack. This deployment tool, used only for testing and development, will retrieve all needed OpenStack projects from a defined git server; by default The “stacking” process (collect all needed projects, install all dependencies and start the projects as configured) usually takes around 10 minutes. […]


How to quickly deploy your development virtual machines

It’s well know, for every software developer, that when you have been working in one or several projects, written in different languages, with external dependencies (libraries, modules, packages, etc.), for a long time in the same development machine, eventually you’ll need to format it and reinstall everything again. The mess is so complicated that is […]


print(“Hello world”)

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Rodolfo Alonso and I’m an enthusiastic software developer. I’ve collaborated in propietary and open source projects and currently I’m focused in OpenStack. This blog pretends to be nothing else but a selective diary of what happened during my daily work, how I faced the problems I […]